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Are you looking for a unique and amazing party?


Whatever the occasion, parties are all about having fun, and our VR Gaming party guarantees that your guests will have an incredible time.

From a children's birthday party to a family get together, our virtual reality entertainment promises to deliver new experiences that all your guests will want to try, whether they’re looking for an adrenaline thrill or want to explore a new location.

Parties can all blend into one, but our VR simulators ensures that your celebrations stand out from the crowd and will keep guests talking for weeks after.

Virtual reality has become the party must-have that all your guests will be lining up to try for themselves.

The combination of VR goggles, surround sound, and realistic sensations, delivers a complete experience they’ll be queueing up to try again. 

At Escape3600 we have a private gaming area, with a mix of new and old gaming, a great selection of retro games, two Extreme VR simulators, Pac-Man Head-to-Head Gaming Table and FootPool.

Booking a party has never been easier , choose your date, choose a time and book online today!

V R Parties: Welcome


Game Over Screen_edited.jpg

Our private gaming area comes with a great selection of retro games, two Extreme VR simulators, Pac-Man Head-to-Head Gaming Table and FootPool.

You get 90 minutes exclusive hire for up to 12 guest to enjoy.

Price  £220



At present, we have over 26 unique and varied titles in our library for you to choose from. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, we will let you experience a thrilling skydive, buggy racing in deserts, and bungee jumping in the Great Canyon. Think your guests would prefer an adventurous experience that takes them far from home? That’s not a problem either. Our VR library includes rich worlds to explore and experience first-hand.



FootPool is an exciting, unique game that merges Football with Pool.

The games are played to the rules of Pool on an over-sized, floor-level table, by kicking footballs into the giant pockets.

The game can be played 1 v 1 or in teams.

V R Parties: Who Can Play?
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