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We also offer an Extreme Virtual Reality simulator experience.

Our rooms use the latest NEXT GENERATION technology and professional decoration which will blow you away! 

Hungry for adrenaline? Here at Escape3600 we deliver the latest VR experiences for any event or party. Book our VR Simulator  for the ultimate party thrill.

Escape 3600 is located within The NEW Braywick Leisure Centre SL6 1BN in Maidenhead close to the train station shopping, restaurants & cinema. 

You have 3600 seconds to Escape.


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Our Escape Rooms


Welcome to the Jungle...

Hearing the mysterious sound of drums, you and your friends decide to enter an abandoned attic to find out what it is? Without realizing it, you are dragged into the game. 

You hear strange sounds from different directions and mysterious animals start to appear. Your survival and your future depends on your actions. With each roll of the dice and each step your game piece takes a new challenge awaits you! 

To win the game, escape and return to the real world one of the game pieces must reach the end. Are you ready for the adventure? Can you survive and escape the game in 60 minutes or will you be trapped in the jungle for ever?

As the board reads: "Jumanji, a game for those looking to find a way to leave behind their world"

Pirate Bay

You have been shipwrecked in the very heart of the Caribbean Sea on a tropical paradise island.

Although, you have begun to realise that it’s not so paradise after all.

An abandoned pirate hut on the cliff has become a trap as its bloodthirsty one-eyed owner who will be returning back from hunting very soon.. 

Are these silent walls what you wish to see in the last moments of your life? 

You have just 3600 seconds to escape before his return. 

Pirate with human skull. Treasure chest
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Corporate events aren’t often associated with thrilling new experiences. But your next event can take guests into a whole new reality thanks to our immersive, next-generation technology.

From targeting your customers to engaging with your employees, virtual reality can become part of your plans for numerous events, giving them a new appeal and creating a buzz. Among the events we’ve worked on are:

  • Corporate party and end of year functions

  • Team building events

  • Industry and expo events

  • Product or company launch

  • Client events

Want to embrace VR at your next corporate event? Get in touch with the Escape3600 Radical Reality team today.


Parties are all about having fun, and our VR party guarantees that your guests will have an incredible time. From a teen’s birthday party to a family get together, our virtual reality entertainment promises to deliver new experiences that all your guests will want to try, whether they’re looking for an adrenaline thrill or want to explore a new location.
Parties can all blend into one, but our VR parties ensures that your celebrations stand out from the crowd and will keep guests talking for weeks after. Virtual reality is set to become the party must-have that all your guests will be lining up to try for themselves.
Our VR party hire equipment is designed to fully transport your guests to another reality. The combination of VR goggles, surround sound, and realistic sensations, delivers a complete experience they’ll be queueing up to try again.

Extreme VR Simulator


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