Magic portal 


This pulse raising outdoor adventure combines the best elements of our escape rooms with a classic treasure hunt.

Magic Portal is an outdoor fantasy-based augmented-reality experience for 2-5 players.

The AR (Augmented Reality) technology allows you to immerse yourself in and around Braywick Nature Centre Maidenhead.

Danger looms from a long-lost world. The local portal watchman has been overpowered by a magic spell, and now evil creatures roam through our proud, enchanting city.

But there is hope! You and your friends! According to legend, determined heroes can find the hiding place of the magic crystals.

By proving your bravery, intelligence and speed, you can solve the riddles and close the portal again.

Let yourself be whisked away to another world, equipped with an iPad and an action pack to help you on your way.

Your goal: Solve puzzles in enchanted places and collect enough crystals to open the magic portal and save our world from destruction. You will have 2 hours to complete the quest.

The perfect mix of augmented reality and tricky puzzles involving your surroundings.

It is recommended your group dress appropriately, including comfortable footwear, and coats/jackets etc if necessary.